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The FCC requires that all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) submit their serviceable location data twice annually. This data must be in alignment with the FCC’s serviceable location fabric, which will require new methodologies from ISPs.


Don’t Know Where to Start?

Michael Baker International and CostQuest Associates have partnered to support ISPs with this heavy lift. Our technical team is well versed in the updated FCC standards and are considered experts in broadband planning, mapping, and implementation. Michael Baker and CostQuest Associates will work together to ensure that your data is matched, via geocoding, to the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric.

Quick Start Overview

  • Determine the data to submit
    • Only provisioning data
  • Determine the submission data format
    • Shapefile (.shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj required)
    • CSV
  • Format the submission data into the noted schema, as closely as possible
  • Create a login on
    • Provide the customer number provided to you by the Team
  • Grab a coffee while we process your data
    • This is point where we are processing your submission which only takes a few days
  • Review the results of the QC of the submission data
  • Download the processed outputs from
    • Address Matching Output Table: For each unique address record, the associated Fabric Location_ID and match confidence score
    • Infill Output Table: For each unique address record whose match confidence score was “STRONGEST” or “HIGH”, the Location_ID of addresses which may be serviceable

Our process is simple:

Simple Process 1
Simple Process 2
Simple Process 3
Simple Process 4

What is required?

1. FCC Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric license key

2. Compliance checklist to identify appropriate columns and attributes

3. Account on

How do I get started?

Please email to initiate a yearly agreement with Michael Baker, and sign up for an account at

A representative from our team will reach out to you to finalize the yearly agreement, collect your compliance checklist, and match your Changingland account to your FCC Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric license key.

Is your data ready?

Michael Baker International provides end-to-end data services to support broadband initiatives. Our highly skilled team is prepared to partner with you on the following additional services to ensure that your data is highly accurate and complete.

Data ready 1
Data ready 2
Data ready 3
Data Ready 4

About Michael Baker and CostQuest Associates

Michael Baker International and CostQuest Associates are leading consulting firms with full-service expertise in broadband. The partners support the entire broadband lifecycle from project identification, funding access, mapping and initiatives designed to provide affordable and equitable access to broadband related digital devices. Both organizations work with the FCC to ensure that regulatory standards and principles are met and have been leaders in broadband mapping for over a decade.