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Oversee broadband programs from inception to completion with Michael Baker International’s Broadband Infrastructure Tracking System (BITS).

Our tool ensures federal and state compliance of broadband grants while simplifying program management.

BITS enables you to…

We make broadband

programs easy to manage!

Create program transparency and enhance organizational communications through Michael Baker’s BITS technology. Our SaaS application combines a multitude of key performance metrics into a single, streamlined user interface.

BITS Highlights


Visualize your goals and initiatives through custom metrics. Adjust look and feel to match your brand.

Infrastructure &
Social Projects

Add, update and track information for your broadband and digital equity projects.

GIS Module

Identify and track key project locations to reduce gaps in connectivity

Program Library

Manage all of your project-related documents in one place.

Reporting Module

Create automated reports that meet agency requirements.


Federal, State and Local agencies require a single, simple and smart application that streamlines broadband program tracking, reporting, and compliance.

Michael Baker’s BITS is purpose-built to facilitate smart program management that scales to fit the unique needs of each client. BITS allows all broadband grants stakeholders to efficiently manage their programs.

Program Tracking

Track the most important data points of broadband grants through an easy-to-use, cloud-based user interface. Users can monitor the following:

Funding Sources

BITS helps you track all funding sources, including: BEAD, ARPA, CPF, RDOF, ReConnect, Tribal Connectivity, DEA, and Middle Mile.

Program Type

BITS supports broadband programs ranging from Infrastructure to Digital Equity.


Track all subgrantees and awards in a single program instance.

Network Type

BITS supports all network types, including: Fiber; Fixed Wireless; Cellular; CBRS; Satellite and more.


Use the scheduling tool to ensure timely project delivery, stay on top of budget, and mitigate risk.


Track unserved and underserved locations in a single project.

Relevant Speeds

Perform speed tests
pre and post network deployment to ensure accuracy.


Custom reports support metrics on: subgrantee applications; non-deployment reports; federal reporting and more.

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