Cobranded_Connectivity Platform

For over 80 years, Michael Baker International has been a leader in engineering and infrastructure. We support all levels of government and community organizations through broadband project identification, access to funding, and initiatives designed to provide affordable and equitable access to broadband and related digital devices.

We bring broadband programs to life.

Michael Baker International supports the entire broadband life cycle — from developing your five-year roadmap to managing broadband public-private partnership buildouts to completion.

Collect Data

Our team is able to identify the exact number of unserved locations within your jurisdiction

Engage Stakeholders

Our team develops five-year broadband roadmaps, required to support capturing federal dollars

Identify Projects

Our team develops broadband projects and objectively supports you in identifying the best technology and partners

Implement Initiatives

Our team integrates Digital Equity into every aspect of your broadband program

Meet our Broadband Team

We have more than twenty years of experience in the successful implementation of broadband projects. Our 993 professional engineers (PE), 74 certified planners (AICP), 64 project management professionals (PMP), 43 certified public land surveyors, and 29 geographic information systems professionals (GISP) continually coordinate with our Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) and Professional Scrum Product Owners (PSPO) to develop custom broadband solutions to guide your program.

Our team of experts provide the full life cycle of broadband services

These services can be utilized together or in a custom delivery option handpicked by you, specific for your needs to bring digital infrastructure to your community.

Whether it’s expanding broadband access in rural areas, providing affordability programs throughout a geographical region, implementing connected smart city technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), or coordinating broadband infrastructure implementation with surface transportation improvement projects we have the team and the experience to help you realize your goals.

Learn more about each of the offerings our team can provide to help you in developing your broadband program.

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