Broadband Consulting Experts

Access to broadband is now a requirement and a shift in transportation has occurred – we are now transporting commerce, education, healthcare, and ideas utilizing high speed internet that were only possible with physical transportation in the past.

Our team of experienced experts provide a variety of services that can be utilized together or in a custom service delivery option handpicked by you specific for your needs to bring digital infrastructure to your community. Whether it’s expanding broadband access in rural areas, providing affordability programs throughout a geographical region, implementing connected smart city technology, or coordinating broadband infrastructure implementation with surface transportation improvement projects we have the team and the experience to help you realize your goals.


Data Collection via Public Surveys

Unbiased data is integral to understanding the true market and current baseline of connectivity in any given region. Through the development of simple, yet thorough public surveys that are distributed in a variety of methods ensuring accessibility for constituents of all digital literacy levels or needs, we provide an opportunity to understand your community and the impact their current connectivity has.

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