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October 2022

Workshop Agenda

Our 2-hour workshop will include five (5) collaborative sessions, including: 

  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesSetting the Stage: Information Gathering Presentation & Chat

    • What are the project goals and key terms?
    • What do you know about broadband?
  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesProblem Identification: What’s Keeping People Away? Group Discussion

    • What are the problems to address?
      • Where does each barrier occur? Why does it occur? Who does it impact?
    • Go to the Jamboard
  • Time: 30 minutesTime: 30 minutesEnvision the Potential: Brainstorm Solutions Break-out Groups

    • Where should Broadband be and what should it look like?
      • How will people access internet?
      • Where will people access internet?
      • What will the infrastructure look like in our cities, towns, and streets?
    • Mapping Tool
    • Go to the Jamboard
  • Time: 25 minutesTime: 25 minutesAvenues for Implementation Break-out Groups

    • What are the priority areas and priority partners to work with in moving forward?
  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesHow to Get the Word Out Group Discussion

Prepare for the conversation

Learn about broadband or download our educational packet before the workshop to familiarize yourself with common terms.


Join the Jamboard – Let’s Brainstorm Live

Let’s collaborate and engage live so that we can make the most of our time! Utilizing the Jamboard app powered by Google Cloud, we have the capability of collecting thoughts, jotting down ideas, and creating in a collective space, together.

See it, Show it, Map it

If we’re working in a collaborative discussion on a regional plan, there’s no need to just talk about where you are, we have an interactive map that let’s you show and document the concerns, areas in need of improvement or opportunities, right on the map!

More to Say? Tell us!

We want to know about your broadband access experience or if you have thoughts to share! Michael Baker International’s goal is to provide the support and resources for organizations and communities to achieve full and affordable connectivity. Tell us about your connectivity.